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Originally Posted by Ok challenger chick View Post
Very Awesome....
Thank you

Originally Posted by rednug View Post
How goes the build pocket5s?
Well... it's been up and down lol. I started a redo on the trunk and it has not gone well. I just got it playing again last night finally after a lot of hacking and testing. So, it will be playing for nationals (October 12th & 13th in Nashville), then it's getting redone, yet again. Going to do something far more simple and less ambitious.

The volume control via arduino is done and works awesome. I just need to find a nice way to mount the two electronics boards so they are tidy and neat. The first and main one is in the pics. The second is a smaller piece that is a DC to DC converter, to step down the 12v to 5 volts that the arduino needs.

That will consume most of my offseason with it (i.e. this winter). I'll keep my current amps, but they will reside most likely in the spare tire well now. I might, maybe, change up the sub as well, but I'll have to see.
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