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I am going to make this into a series! It'll show up on Facebook, as the above post did, and may end up on other enthusiast sites as well . I am going to reach out to some other folks I know in the community to help with a few articles, one of which is already in the works. I figure this is a way to share a bit of the experience I have from the past few years, and reach out to others that have been successful and share what they have learned too. GPMM and the friends I've made along the way have been AMAZING, and there has ALWAYS been an answer to any questions I've asked, but sometime I just didn't know what to ask. It's my hope that this series of articles helps fill that gap a bit. Not only can we share with each other what works for us, but we can also lay down a roadmap of sorts to those who are new to the hobby!

While I am sure this list will grow, This will be a limited run. Here are the articles I have in mind thus far (in no particular order):

1. Car Show Displays -- What makes an awesome display
*Ray Chance has agreed to help with this one and I am VERY excited! anyone that has ever seen his AWESOME SRT10 Ram and display will understand why!

02. Mobile Emergency Kit -- What to carry with you
03. Car Show Camps -- Must have and nice to have
04. Detailing -- Supplies and and Tricks
05. Paint Correction -- Tools and How To
06. Car Show Judging (modern) -- What they look for
07. Auto Photography -- How to take killer pictures of your ride
08. Automotive Lighting -- Products and advice
09. Mobile Audio -- Products and advice
10. Mobile Video -- Products and advice

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(Coming very soon, Danko 70 style grill and front spoiler, 70 Style Tail Stripe , Tail Light Blackout :-)

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